Future Gadgets: Wearable Projection Computer

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Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab have developed a wearable computer that projects its display to any nearby surface. This computer is controlled by hand gestures and voice recognition.

The user of this digital "Sixth Sense" device can easily call upon virtual gadgets, and even data from the Internet when they want to, and then make them disappear at will.

The device, which is still a prototype, was demonstrated last week at the annual Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Conference in California.

The prototype used in the demonstration consisted of a battery-powered mini-projector, an Internet enabled mobile phone and a webcam, along with four colored Magic Marker lids worn on the fingertips. The hardware can track the lids and interpret the finger movements according to predefined functions.

Examples of the functions that were demonstrated were:
- The device was capable of projecting a watch face when the user's fingers 'drew' a circle on their arms.
- Drawing a rectangular picture frame in the air will make the device snap a photo which is saved onto the phone, and can be displayed and re-sized while projecting them onto a wall at a later date
- When encountering someone unfamiliar at a party, the user can ask the system to project a cloud of words on the person's body to provide more information about him, for example, his blog URL, the name of his company, his likes and interests.
- Putting the user's hands together in "namaste" fashion will call upon the main menu where he'll get to choose what applications he wants to use.
- To read an email, the user needs to simply draw an @ symbol in the air.
- While reading a newspaper, the device can project a video onto it that provides more information on the topic that was being read.

Click on the article page for the full article, including videos of this seemingly-far-fetched futuristic device.

Article: WIRED

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Thanks for sharing this info.

I think its a very Cool Gadget! Maybe the hottest when it comes out.
I just wonder if the rays from this gadget have any harmful affects on the human body, similar to that of the cell phone signal.

Too complicated for me! :)

Yes it is quite a cool gadget Fuad, and since it uses a normal mobile phone and an ordinary projector, the only 'rays' that are probably harmful are those that come from the mobile phone.

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