Is your sofa as cool as ours?

Posted by Simpur | Posted in , , , | Posted on Friday, February 06, 2009

Yes, your sofa might have the best feeling, most comfortable leather on it, but does it have a PC built into-it? Can it control the lights in your living room and entertainment system? Can it connect to the Internet and even let you watch movies? We figured not.

Swiss sofa manufacturer Artanova's Athena Multimedia Sofa is perhaps the sofa of the future, available today. It boasts a built-in integrated PC with displays that pop out of the arm rests, similar to those in airplanes, but when you don't need them, you can snugly pop them back in.

At approximately US$15,000, it probably would be cheaper if you build one yourself by drilling holes in your arm-rests (or use your laptop on your sofa).

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