Affordable motion sensing light-bulb adapters

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Motion sensing lights have been around for quite a while now, turning light automatically on when it detects any movement in a room or area, and turning off when you leave. Installation and costs of these types of lights, however, are quite complicated and expensive in most cases.

Smarthome's Screw-in Motion Sensing Light Adapter solves these problems, being really easy to install, and not costing at all expensive, and yet does the job equally well.

Simply screw in a light bulb into the adapter, screw the adapter into a socket, turn it on and it'll start detecting movement in all directions up to 5 meters.

It even has 3 adjustable dials that let you control the settings of the adapter's motion sensing sensitivity.

This motion sensing light adapter helps conserve electricity and is perfect for rooms, garages, walk-in closets, and hallways that you only occasionally walk into, which you don't want to be lit up all the time. It's also a great idea to use them as 'security' lights installed around the outside of your house to scare burglars away.

The Smarthome Screw-in Motion Sensing Light Adapter is available now on for US$24.99.

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it would be great if it is sell here in brunei
save budget...

You can buy it online from, it takes about 3 weeks to get delivered..

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