When you're just too lazy to shower

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Back in 1970, Sanyo showcased a series of appliances that they thought would be in future homes, including the Ultrasonic Bath. This 'human-washing-machine' cleans, massages and dries you in a fully-automated 15-minute process.

Once you climb into this 2 meter high 'bath tub', (with what looks like a ladder to a swimming pool's diving board) and choose your desired temperature, the bathing cycle starts with jets of hot water sprayed on to you for 5 minutes.

The chamber then fills up for a 3-minute massage bath, in which golf ball-sized massage balls suspended in the water are pushed towards you by high-pressure jets. While this is happening, an ultrasonic wave generator removes dirt from your skin.

A 2-minute hot rinse cycle is then followed by a 5-minute dry cycle where you'd be 'blasted' with warm air, while the germs on your body get subjected to a flood of infrared and ultraviolet light.

'Surprisingly', the Ultrasonic Bath never made it into our homes.. Probably because it was never hard to shower in the first place?

It's funny how they thought we didn't even need to wash from the neck up.

Article: Pink Tentacle

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