The Top 10 Gadgets of 2008, according to TIME Magazine.

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In case you didn’t know, TIME Magazine comes up with a yearly list of the Top 10 of everything from movies, news stories, photos, magazine covers, songs, to video games iPhone apps and even the Top 10 scandals of the year. Here’s what the magazine believes are last year’s Top 10 Gadgets..

10. Sony Playstation "Home" for PS3

Sony’s virtual world, “Home”, gives everyone one more reason to buy the PS3 video game console. Users can create their own human-looking avatar and get a virtual apartment near the “town square”, a base of operations from which to socialize, play games and purchase an endless variety of Sony goods and services. A cross between Second Life and the Sims.

Price: Free

9. Roku Netflix Box
Connect the Roku to your TV and it automatically connects to your home Wi-Fi network, and subsequently lets you stream 12,000 movies and TV shows for free, which you can hold on to for as long as you want, provided you’re subscribed to a Netflix account.

Price: US$99, plus Netflix subscription.

8. Kindle
Amazon’s Kindle is quite simply a terrific tool for people who love to read books. With this gadget, you’ll get to have the luxury of taking your whole library of books on the road, and it even lets you connect to any high-speed cellular network and purchase books on demand.

Price: US$359

7. Flip MinoHD
This affordable, iPod-sized camcorder shoots high-definition video, which is such a cool feat for such a small, easy-to-use gadget. This cool camcorder features 4GB of internal memory, and its battery provides two hours of shooting time.

Price: US$230

6. Sennheiser MX W1 Wireless Headphones
These Sennheiser headphones are quite an expensive set, but if you’re really into your music, then these babies are well worth it. Attach a small transmitter to your TV, MP3 player or stereo, and it will wirelessly transmit your music to the earbuds, delivering Kleer Corporation’s patented, uncompressed, crystal clear sounds to your ears.

Price: US$499

5. FoxL Bluetooth Speaker

Wirelessly connect Foxl’s pocket-sezed Bluetooth Speaker to your mobile phone and the gadget’s built-in microphone allows you to take your calls hands-free, which makes it a great device to bring along when you’re driving. It also lets you connect your MP3 player to it wirelessly too, producing sounds that are rich enough to please the crankiest of sound critics.

Price: US$249

4. Nikon D90
With a set of features that will please the most demanding of photo prosumers, the D90 is both an SLR and single-lens HD video camera! TIME believes that this is the first camera that you should consider if you’re planning to upgrade from a ‘normal’ digital camera to a high-end SLR.

Price: US$1,200

3. Apple iPhone 3G
Last year’s No.1 gadget, Apple’s iPhone, changed the way we think about how mobile media devices should look, feel and perform. This is the gadget that more or less launched the era of mobile computing. Things are going great for its 3G predecessor, with faster mobile Internet speeds, built-in GPS, and the fact that there are already more than 15,000 free and paid applications available, it promises to be one of the productive, entertaining and most valuable gadgets of all time.

Price: US$199

2. Mitsubishi LaserVue 65-inch HDTV
Quite simply the best TV money can buy at the moment, the Laservue 65-inch HDTV from Mitsubishi is the first HDTV to use lasers for its display and has a wider gamut of color than any TV on the market - ts color rivals that of films in movie theatres.

Price: US$7,000

1. Optoma Pico PK-101

Yes here it is, 2008’s No.1 gadget according to TIME Magazine, Optoma’s Pico PK-101. This 4.1-inch cool gadget is a pocket projector, which you can simply plug into your iPod or iPhone andproject your movies on a wall or even on the back seat of your car or on the plane! Images are clear and crisp, and super-bright. The Pico weighs only 4 ounces and is smaller than many cell phones.

Price: US$399

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there's no WII in the list? or Blackberry? nevermind.. i can't afford to buy those two gadgets too.. hehehehe..

We would've liked to see those two gadgets on this list too Radith!

is it because the list was made in 2008? but if it so, it seemed absurd since sony's ps3 totally lost to nintendo's Wii. we should ask Time's credibility after it, hehehehe


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