CK One's back with a vengeance (and speakers)

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Do you remember those days when just about everyone you knew in school smelt of the same fragrance? Yes, those were the CK One and CK Be days..

The company behind those fragrances, Calvin Klein, will be introducing a new campaign next month, themed as "We are One", to promote the spirit of unity. Limited-edition 100ml collector's edition of CK One and CK Be will be decorated with the "We are One" slogan (in multiple languages) and packed in sexy modern packaging complete with a removable speaker at the bottom.

Calvin Klein's CK One and CK Be scents were a craze in Brunei, and all over the world in the mid-90s for its blend which includes papaya, pineapple, jasmine, Bergamot and Cardamom.

The "We are One" fragrances will be available worldwide for US$50.

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I dont get it! Why speakers with the perfume..? Mi, Marul... whhhhyyyy? :)

Its me Jenny

Hahaha maybe because they think they can sell them more? Weird combination though - perfumes & speakers..

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