Charge your laptops with your feet

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Easy Energy's YoGen MaxT compact laptop charger lets you charge your laptop anywhere you want, with the power of your feet.

This energy-efficient device is perfect for those days when electrical sockets aren't in sight, or when the area you're in has no electricity.

All you need to do is move your feet in an up and down 'pumping' motion to get this gadget going.

The YoGen MaxT, which is small enough to fit into most laptop bags, produces 60-80 watts of power, which Easy Energy claims is enough to keep most laptops running.

If you think that your feet won't be able to pump for long, you can optionally purchase a back-up power supply of 12 rechargeable AA batteries.

The YoGen MaxT is not available yet, but Easy Energy is currently taking orders from distributors and wholesale purchasers.

Besides getting power for your laptop in areas that you've never imagined, one thing's for sure - you'll end up with larger calf muscles.

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i would like to own that. does it sell any where in Brunei? perhaps in the future?

Easy Energy has not started selling these, but are currently taking orders from distributors and wholesale purchasers.

Hopefully one company in Brunei will see how cool this gadget is and bring it here. We want it too!

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