How's this for a Star Wars toy?

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Ever wanted to use 'The Force' to move objects, just like your favourite Star Wars characters? Toys have come a long way with the introduction of 'The Force Trainer', which will let you test and train the Jedi-like abilities that you never knew you had..

The Force Trainer, a toy due to be in stores towards the end of this year, comes with a headset that allows kids (and perhaps some adults too) to control a sphere which is within a clear, 10-inch tall tower.

The wireless headset reads your brain activity using a far simplified version of EEG technology, often used in medical tests. It then translates it to physical action, causing the sphere to move up, or down at your will.

The Force Trainer will cost US$90-$100.

Article: USA Today

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If that's all it can do (move a sphere up and down) without any sort of built in game to make it purposeful, then I foresee it as a very expensive toy that anyone would soon get bored of!

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