The Chanel Two-Wheeler

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Who would've guessed that luxury brand Chanel would design its very own Segway?

The Parisian fashion house that's known for specializing in luxury goods such as handbags, perfumery, and cosmetics among others has now ventured into a totally new market in the form of the uniquely popular two-wheeled, self-balancing electrical vehicle Segway.

Besides featuring Chanel-styled 'rims', the Chanel Segway boasts a Chanel 2.55 attached to its handlebar for storing your luxury accessories.

The Segway, popular in niche markets around the world, is controlled by leaning forward to go forward, by leaning back to go backwards, and by turning the handlebars to steer the vehicle.

Pricing for the Chanel-branded version of the vehicle has not been announced but since normal Segways range from $5,350 to $6,400, we don't expect this version to come cheap.

The Segway in action

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