The iPhone-controlled car

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The iPhone has proven that it can be useful for just about anything these days.. Besides being equipped with GPS and the optional hundreds of productivity and entertainment applications, the iPhone can now can be used to control a car.

Innovative automaker Rinspeed has taken electric concept cars to a whole new level with its iChange EV, featuring iPhone integration that lets you control the headlights, turn signals, among other functions of the car on the phone itself.

Besides being able to use the iPhone to lock and unlock your doors and start the car, it can even be used to adjust the height of the iChange EV's roof to make room for two passengers at the back.

This sexy, eco-friendly concept car will be debuting at this year's Geneva Auto Show, with pricing and full production details still unknown.

The Rinspeed iChange EV in action

Articles: The College Driver, Engadget
Official Website: Rinspeed

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